Rock Engineering

Timely, high quality engineering geological input is critical to the success of any undertaking in rock engineering and  results in positive impacts on safety, programme, cost, performance, servicability and maintenance. However, rock engineering designs are commonly based on overly simplistic engineering geological models, incorrect assumptions with respect to ground conditions, and inappropriate design parameters. This can lead to over-conservative design and over-provision of rock support. Alternatively, and more seriously, this can lead to unforeseen ground conditions and the potential for failure as discussed in Jack, C. D. et. al. (2011).

The engineering geologist, with their expertise in evaluating and predicting multidimensional geological variations including rock formations, tectonic modification, hydrogeology, petrology and overprinting of weathering i
s ideally placed to evaluate and characterise the rock mass and develop appropriate design parameters. 

GRS's expertise and focus on engineering geology means that we can provide realistic
engineering geological models, on which to develop rock engineering models, defensible assumptions, appropriate design parameters and robust designs.

We can assist by providing timely, flexible assistance to projects including tunnels, shafts, caverns (
Jack, C. D. et. al. (2012)), slopes, cuttings, foundations, mines, quarries, dams, power stations, nuclear waste repositories and geothermal projects.

GRS provide the following rock engineering services:
  • Engineering geological models
  • Rock mass characterisation (including the information required for systems such as the Q, RMR, RMi and Generalised Hoek-Brown Criterion systems)
  • Site investigation design and interpretation
  • Kinematic and rock mechanical assessment
  • Rock engineering design
  • Peer review of engineering geological reports and rock engineering design
  • Management of engineering geological uncertainty and geotechnical risk in rock engineering

Examples of our recent projects include the provision of advice on:

  • Shek O Quarry (SMEC)
  • MTR Contract 901, Admirality Station Extension (AIM Group)
  • MTR Ho Man Tin to Yau Ma Tei Link (Leighton Asia)
  • MTR-XRL Link Contract 824 (Donaldson Associates)
  • Rock slope above Intake Shaft C (Leighton Asia)
  • Rock slope inspection - Ping Tin and Lai Yiu Estates (Wan Chung Construction)

Rock slope survey

GRS have extensive experience of carrying out detailed surveys, assessment, characteristation and analysis of rock for slopes, tunnels, excavations and foundations, for example this engineering geological mapping and analysis of an unstable corestone complex that was carried out for Leighton Asia.